Mildred Zickefoose
11-05-2014 23:40:37, Vermilion Oh
United States of America OS Browser
Love your Pictures Very Beautiful Grownup girl Maybe Sometime Your parents will bring you to the states We would love to see you
15-04-2014 07:56:11, Derby
United Kingdom OS Browser
Hello everyone! I am working on an "Emirith&quo t; novel! It's about a girl who is one of the children of the famous detective! If you want to see it, i'll copy it page by page into this guestbook! Book 1 is already completed, so look out for my posts! Illustration pages can not be posted beacause this only allows writing! Once again, I hope everyone is well and don't forget to check for new photos! Laters! smilie
Mildred Zickefoose
11-02-2014 01:47:22, Vermilion Oh
United States of America OS Browser
Loved the pictures She is a very beautiful girl and is grown up very fast Reminds me of my 3 daughters
Seems as if they grow up overnight
Now I am enjoying my grandchildren
When do you think you will get back to the states for a visit I am heading for Fl tomorrow will stay until Mar
02-12-2013 20:02:19,
Czech Republic OS Browser
Hello Samantha !!! Your photos are fantastic! You have a great smile. Best greetings from Meggie, Karolka and Sasha.
Diane Helfer
19-07-2013 18:02:46, Orlando, FL
United States of America OS Browser
I so enjoyed ' meeting ' beautiful Samantha through Grandma Lana's wonderful description and stories and through these lovely photos! Thank you!
17-07-2013 07:18:09, Derby
United Kingdom OS Browser
Hi Fans gimme mail haha
04-04-2013 23:36:10, orlando florida
United States of America OS Browser
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! You really are growing up way to fast....!! I love seeing your pictures month after month.....hope to get to see you again here in Orlando....
Grandma Sue
05-09-2012 15:27:16, Florida
United States of America OS Browser
The pictures are great I liked them all and the captions were great .Hug Sam for me, I love you .
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